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About Us

Ray Ladouceur

Board-Certified Estate Planning Lawyer at Your Service

While Ray Ladouceur is uniquely qualified to help with end-of-life planning and succession as a board-certified estate planning lawyer in Louisiana ( The Lousiana Board of Legal Specialization), he is still open to handling legal needs concerning taxation, business law, and contracts at Ladouceur Law Firm. This work ethic aligns with his goal of prioritizing his clients’ interests first and fulfilling their needs cost-effectively.

Main Practice Areas

Estate Planning

This field of law helps ensure the stability of your family legacy and the future of your loved ones with proper estate planning. We offer comprehensive legal services, guiding you through the creation of wills, trusts, and all elements of the end-of-life planning process. 


This practice area focuses on simplifying the succession process with the guidance of a board-certified estate planning lawyer. As your legal advisor, Ray Ladouceur helps you navigate all aspects of succession planning and administration. 

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