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Practice Areas

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Main Practice Areas of Law

We focus on legal work concerning estate planning, succession, taxation, contracts, and similar fields of law in Louisiana. Having diverse practice areas enables us to assist clients with their unique legal needs. 

Estate Planning

Regardless of the amount of money, property, and other assets you own, estate planning is important to preserve your legacy and take care of your family when you have passed. Our legal services include helping you with creating wills and trusts and other aspects of the end-of-life planning process. You can also find general information about estate planning on our website. 


Succession can be overwhelming without a legal professional on your side. As a certified estate planning and administration lawyer knowledgeable about this process, we can act as your legal advisor and assist you in navigating succession planning and administration to make life easier for everyone involved. Additionally, you can read more about this legal proceeding on our website. Still, please take the content posted online as general information only and not as our legal advice. 

Other Practice Areas

Aside from estate planning and succession, we also handle matters in the following fields of law.


Business Law

Contract Law

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